Hi, I’m Fatima, a photographer and artist

I am a photographer and artist from London. Read a little bit about my creative process and what inspires me below.


I try to convey the essence and character of the places and the people I meet through my photography. It is often just a fleeting moment, a certain look in the eye, or a suppressed smile that catches that magic moment, for a perfect portrait. A moment of perfect light can change the ambiance of a location within seconds and bring out its spirit. These precious moments come and go quickly, so to capture and relive them through a photograph is a very special thing. I try to take photos that make the viewer feel like they were part of the moment it was taken in, and to be immersed in whatever perception of that world the viewer brings with them. I’d like those who see my work to feel the inspiration behind my photography, to feel the connection I had with the person or the place and to see beauty in unexpected places.


Painting gives me the opportunity to slow down and block out the chaos of the world. The inspiration for my paintings comes in various forms; nature, the people I meet, the places I’ve visited, and sometimes it is simply down to the music I’m listening to, hence the ‘Listening to Ray’ series, or a seemingly insignificant object someone special gives me – ‘Seashells’ series. I paint what I feel instinctively in the moment, responding to the object of my inspiration. We each bring our own unique experiences into how we perceive the world, naturally we do the same with art. I’d like my paintings to divert people’s attention from their everyday thoughts and to awaken their imaginations, for people to be able to stop, if only momentarily, and wonder about it.

A blog about my creative journey as an artist and photographer, coming soon!